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If weight loss is your first priority, this is for you. We combine two signature programs, In-person Training (1 on 1 or Group), and Nutrition Coaching, that'll have you losing weight without starving. You'll also learn about healthy eating and how to adopt it comfortably into your everyday life, and you'll increase overall body strength and form.


Get your beach body by gaining lean muscle and increased strength. We'll tailor your training and nutrition to target those goals. This plan includes: Nutrition Coaching and, either In-person Training (1 on 1 or Group) or Online Training.


No matter if you're preparing for a meet, or you need to increase your off season strength, we'll keep you in check and drive you to achieve your best performance. This program utilizes a specific meet prep version of In-person Training (1 on 1) or Online Training services. Nutrition coaching is optional, depending on your goals.

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In-Person Training

We offer two unique personal training options.


Our 1 on 1 Training is time dedicated just for you and Ritz. No others will be in the gym. This is perfect for anyone that wants extra support, or who doesn’t love a gym full of people.


In our Group Personal Training, you join up to 3 other people at the gym, as you work on your individualized plan. This isn’t a group event. Instead, each person has a plan that’s been created by Ritz, that’s tailored to them. Ritz will be at the gym, assessing and assisting each person as necessary. This is great for anyone that wants personalized service at a lower cost. It’s also a good option if you want to join with a friend or workout partner.

1 on 1 Training | 30 Minutes

One Session


1 on 1 Training | 60 Minutes

One Session


Package of 10

$82 each

Package of 15

$77 each

Package of 20

$73 each

1 on 1 Training | 90 minutes

One Session


Package of 10

$120 each

Package of 15

$113 each

Package of 20

$107 each

Group Personal Training | 1 Month Commitment


$160 monthly


$280 monthly


$360 monthly

Group Personal Training | 6 Month Commitment


$140 monthly


$240 monthly


$300 monthly

Online Training

Our Online Programming offers personalized training plans created specifically for you. These are not cookie cutter templates. They’re tailored to your goals. Additionally, each plan is available to anyone, regardless of where you live.


Each week you’ll receive a new customized workout plan, and it’s easy to start! We’ll have you answer a few questions to assess your goals and requirements, and then develop the plan accordingly.

1 Month


Workouts delivered weekly

3 Months


Buy more and save! Originally priced at $540.

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition is critical to your success. We also know it’s not easy to figure out or stick to it.


We create unique diet plans that are completely tailored to you and your goals. As you adopt it into your overall health and fitness plan, you’ll also learn how to eat healthy and why it matters. These plans are also flexible. We’ll show you how to work in your favorite foods and still reach your goals, without feeling guilty. Our plan also includes cardio and supplement guidance.


HOW IT WORKS: After answering a questionnaire assessment, we’ll create your plan. Our easy-to-follow plans have two options to best fit your lifestyle AND help you reach your goals:


Macros and Micro Nutrients: You’ll use our plan as you track your macros and micro nutrients daily in an app (e.g. MyFitnessPal) or tracking website.


Meal Plan: We’ll take the guess work out of planning. You’ll use our suggested meal plans and skip the macro tracking. Now you have one less thing to worry about.


We’ll check in twice per week for accountability, to find out what’s working, and to make adjustments.

1 Month (when not purchasing a training program)


1 Month (when also purchasing a training program)*


* The first month is $185


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