Jessica Shiery

Success Stories
He constantly keeps me on my toes with new workouts and exercises.


“I have been going to Ritz for 2 months now. Growing up I did Olympic lifting and played softball for 14 years. After college I wanted to lift to tone and tighten up. I got down to a lower weight but then plated to the point where I wasn’t seeing any results. Ritz is a trainer like no other. He is a true gem.


After 2 weeks with Ritz I dropped 10 pounds. After 2 months I’m at 25 pounds I have lost total. I thought I was athletic before but while I’m training with him I have been getting stronger every workout. He has an amazing personality that reflects in his training abilities. He constantly keeps me on my toes with new workouts and exercises.


When I started with him, he made sure I had proper form since I have arthritis in my back and also lots of back issues. I have been wearing a back brace for 8 years and Ritz has done exercises to strengthen it to where I’m not wearing my brace at all anymore.


He is seriously an amazing trainer who cares about his clients on a personal level and has this amazing energy about him. I recommend him to everyone at any level and he can help make healthy life changes to where you will see results in 2 weeks not 2 months+. He is a dedicated trainer that will go out his way for his clients. You would regret not going to train with Ritz.”


–  Jessica Shiery